Award Carafe Decanter

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Created to fit the award winning Wine Decantiere 7-IN-1 Aerator. This slim stylish carafe presents the color of your wine in the best way through the crystal clear borosilicate body. Designed to further aerate your wine before serving or to give your bag in a box wine a prestige way from the box to the table.

Gift box includes the Award Carafe and the RedDot Award Winning Decantiere 7-IN-1 Wine Aerator.

A highly specialized tool for wine lovers, the Wine Decantiere 7-In-1 Aerator decants and aerates wine instantly. It's easy to use and ensures optimal performance. The air mixing chamber gently aerates wine while pouring, significantly improving in the taste, flavor and finish. Seven built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by eight small vents positioned at the grid edge. The built-in filter protects against cork residue and other impurities. The air tight stopper preserves freshness, so you can save and enjoy your wine the next day. Awarded the 2016 red dot Award for Product Design


Vagnbys Wine Decantiere was awarded the red dot Award Product Design. The red dot is known internationally and across industries as the most prestigious award for outstanding design quality. In the Product Design category, the Danish design company Vagnbys were up against approximately 5200 products from 57 nations before they could enjoy the pleasures of collecting one of the coveted trophies.

Features: Built-in filter, Non drip edge, Air tight stopper, Easy pouring, Instant aeration, Covers foil edges and hides screw threads., Made of stainless steel, TPR, PP and silicone.

Care: Simply rinse under tap and wipe clean.

Bottle: Borosilicate glass

Wine Decantiere: Made of stainless steel, TPR, PP and silicone.

 $169.00 MSRP